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Iveron Prayer Rope

  • Iveron Prayer Rope
  • Iveron Prayer Rope bead detail

Product Description

This attractive 100 knot wool prayer rope is handcrafted by the sisters featuring faceted blue glass beads and silver Byzantine style metallic accents.  There are matching silver accent threads in the tassel.  It is packaged in a silver clear-topped box.

This prayer rope was designed in honor of the miracle working and myrrh-streaming Hawaiian icon of the Theotokos.  On October 6th, 2007 it was found on a bookshelf in Hawaii exuding myrrh.  In 2008, the Iveron Icon was officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church as miraculous and worthy of veneration.  Since that time this sacred image has visited over 500 Orthodox churches and monasteries in the United States and Canada.  It has been the source of numerous miraculous occurrences, including many healings from both physical and spiritual infirmities.